Pulse Client

Pulse Secure VPN Client

Appalachian State has partnered with Pulse Secure to provide faculty and staff with a method of connecting to campus-specific resources from off-campus.

Connection Overview

The Pulse Secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an application that, once installed on your home computer, creates an encrypted tunnel into Appalachian's secure network. This allows you to utilize Remote Desktop software to log into your work computer or use soft phone applications as through you were sitting at your desk.

(Note: Pulse Secure is available only to faculty and staff.)

To connect to our Pulse Secure VPN, follow these steps

  • Navigate to https://tech.appstate.edu and fill out a request for Account Assistance. Please specify in the discription box that you are requesting Pulse Access. 
    • Please allow at least 24 hours for ITS to process this request
  • Download the Pulse Secure client for your operating system from the NICS File Repository  (Mobile Devices will install the Pulse Secure app from the Play Store or App Store and configure with the below settings)
  • When prompted to run or save the file, select Run
  • Confirm all default configurations to complete installation
  • When Pulse Secure opens, click the Add Connection icon
  • Enter the following connection information
    • Type: Policy Secure (UAC) or Connect Secure (VPN)
    • Name: ASUVPN
    • Sever URL: asuvpn.appstate.edu
  • Click Connect

You are now able to connect to nearly any campus-specific resource from anywhere

Connecting to your office machine with remote desktop protocols

The method for connecting to your office computer depends on the operating system of the computer from which you are connecting. Ensure you are connected via Pulse Secure and then select your OS from the below list

DUO 2-Factor Authentication

If your account is flagged as having access to sensitive data, you will be required to pass 2FA before connecting.

For information on how to authenticate via DUO with Pulse Secure, please see Logging in With the Pulse ClientPush is the default method of authenticating. The only 2-factor methods supported by Pulse Secure are Push and Passcode.

Accessing your VoIP Phone System off-campus

(Note: This feature will only be available to a select group of pilot users until December 2017)

To connect to the VoIP Phone System, follow the below steps

  • Ensure that your Pulse Secure VPN connection status is CONNECTED
  • Download the Cisco Jabber softphone client from our Google Drive File Repository
  • When prompted to run or save the file, select Run
  • Confirm all default configurations to complete installation
  • When the Cisco Jabber application starts, enter your email address in the Account Name field
  • Sign-in using your AppState username and password